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Deleting Endpoints

Deleting and endpoint from the endpoint detail page#

Click any endpoint you want to delete on the documentation page. This will bring you to the endpoint details. When looking at the latest version of the documentation, you'll see an Edit button on the page

The endpoint detail view page

click the Edit button to start an edit session. Edit sessions are required for all changes to an endpoint, including deleting the endpoint. The Edit button label will change to Finish and a Delete button will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the page.

Editing the detailed endpoint documentation

You can stop the process now by clicking Finish, which will return you to the view mode for the endpoint. To delete the endpoint, click the Delete button. A modal dialog will appear to confirm your choice. It warns you that, once the deletion is saved to your specification, it is irreversible. The deletion cannot be undone: the endpoint must be learned or manually documented again.

Confirm the endpoint deletion

A message will appear at the top of the page showing the endpoint is staged for deletion. The Delete button will now be an undelete button, providing one last opportunity to back out of the delete action. The Finish button label changes to Save, and will reflect 1 change - the deletion of the endpoint.

Finalize the deletion of an endpoint

Clicking Save will prompt you for a commit message in a modal dialog. Once committed, the deletion is complete. Optic will return you to the documentation overview page.

Deleting multiple endpoints from the documentation page#

From the documentation overview page, you can delete multiple endpoints in one session. Click the Edit button to open a session, which will change to a Finish button.

Editing the documentation overview page

Click trash can to stage deletions. you'll get a modal confirmation dialog. The confirmation dialog reminds you that once saved, the deletion cannot be reversed. Any endpoints deleted must be relearned or added again manually. Multiple endpoints can be deleted in one session, though each will prompt you with a confirmation dialog. A revert button allows you to unstage a deleted endpoint.

Staging deletes on the documentation overview page

Click Save and enter a commit message to save your deletions. If all deletions are unstaged by clicking the revert button, and if there are no endpoint name edits, the Save button will revert to a Finish button. Clicking Finish will not prompt for a commit message, as there are no changes/deletions to save, and Optic will return to documentation viewing mode.