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Reverting Optic Commits

Optic tracks all of the changes to your API, so your documentation is always up to date. Optic tracks these changes individually, which allows you to see a changelog of your API's behavior. This also allows you to revert your specification to an earlier version, in case you need to roll back some changes. Reverting is permanent: once done, it cannot be undone.

Documentation changes are reverted from the history page

In this case, changes to the PATCH and POST endpoints for todos were documented. The intended behavior hasn't changed, and we want to remove these changes from the documentation permanently. We can revert to the "Get users by ID endpoint added" commit, though in practice it's good to always start by clicking the Compare button for the commit to which you want to revert.

Review the changes you are going to revert first

The Documentation page opens, comparing the current documentation to the commit to which you will revert. We can see the PATCH and POST endpoints are updated, as they are highlighted in yellow. You can click through each endpoint as well, to see the specific changes that are made. Once you are confident that you have picked the correct target commit for the revert, return to the History page and click Revert. Optic will ask you to confirm your choice, as it is not reversible. There is no way to undo this change in Optic.

You will be asked to confirm when you revert a changeset

Once you've confirmed that you want to revert to your chosen commit, the changes are saved to your documentation immediately. Optic will return you to the History page. In this case, the commit for updates to the PATCH and POST endpoints is gone. The changes will no longer appear in the documentation as well.

You will be asked to confirm when you revert a changeset