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Azure Application Gateway


Collecting traffic from real environments is in Beta.

Join the Beta and help chart the course for how Optic works in real environments. We'll work closely with your team to set up Optic to monitor your APIs as they are running in staging, development, or even production environments.

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Optic has limited integration with Azure Application Gateway as an Azure EventHub consumer. Currently, Application Gateway does not log request and response bodies and these will not be seen by Optic.

  1. Create a EventHub namespace

  2. Enable logging for Application Gateway

    1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to your gateway instance and select "Diagnostic Settings" under the "Monitoring" section.
    2. Click on the "Turn on diagnostics" link to enable collecting logs.
  3. Configure streaming the Access Log to EventHub

    Select the "Stream to an event hub" checkbox and click to configure an event hub. Ensure that the "ApplicationGatewayAccessLog" checkbox, under the "Log" section, is selected.

  4. Give Optic Access to EventHub

    In your Optic UI, navigate to "Add Connector" and select Azure. Generate and enter an EventHub connection string for Optic to use.

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