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Cloudflare Worker


Collecting traffic from real environments is in Beta.

Join the Beta and help chart the course for how Optic works in real environments. We'll work closely with your team to set up Optic to monitor your APIs as they are running in staging, development, or even production environments.

Join the Beta#

  1. We'll provide you with the latest copy of our beta Optic Cloudflare Worker integration and instructions to complete the setup.

  2. Make sure that you define the Optic configuration variables:

    INSTALL_OPTIONS = {     "opticToken": "Your Optic Token",
        "opticSourceID": "A unique identifier for this source of data",
        "opticSourceTags": "A comma separated list of other labels to send to Optic"};INSTALL_TYPE = 'custom';
  3. Set up a worker route matching the requests you want Optic to see.

Ready to deploy Optic in a real environment? Join the Beta#