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Collecting traffic from real environments is in Beta.

Join the Beta and help chart the course for how Optic works in real environments. We'll work closely with your team to set up Optic to monitor your APIs as they are running in staging, development, or even production environments.

Join the Beta#

Optic integrates with NGINX as a Lua filter. You need to have the OpenResty lua-nginx-module module installed. If you are using a OpenResty NGINX distribution, lua-nginx is already installed.

  1. Download the Optic Lua code from github or install it with

    luarocks install --server= optic-nginx

  2. Edit your nginx.conf to include optic-nginx in the servers and locations where you want Optic to observe your traffic.

    Be sure to include the correct package path in lua_package_path for the optic plugin. This is normally /usr/share/lua/5.1 when installing with luarocks.

  3. Reload the NGINX config with nginx -s reload

Ready to deploy Optic in a real environment? Join the Beta#